Days before Tom died, he finished a painting he titled, “Hold Up! The Universe Calls.” Tom was a painter who worked relentlessly to confront the conventions of painting. Over years, he slowly explored the process of filling, reorganizing and repositioning a void around which creation is organized. Sometimes his paintings were arresting and highly skilled. Sometimes they were arresting while intentionally taking a pot-shot at the institution of good painting.

This means that for Tom what is sublimated in an artwork escapes consciousness. This means that what a thing is, is not entirely knowable. This means that for Tom the organization of creation was not laden with language and was sometimes inexpressible with words. 

                                   — Walter Lab, 10/31/18

Hold Up, The Universe Calls

Mixed media on canvas, 50" x 40" 

Tom Savage, July 2018

11/28/53 — 8/4/18